Disaster Management

In addition to the disaster control room 24X7 of the district, the district is prone to water disaster due to Indira Sagar project, Narman Nagar and Omkareshwar project, Omkareshwar during mansoon season. Also flood control centers are being established at the district and Tehsil level in mansoon season. In the table below, the contact Nos. are described in case of any disaster.

Contact Nos. during Emergency
Sr. Emergency Centre Telephone No.
1. District Disaster Management Centre,Khandwa 0733-2224545
2. Disaster Management Centre, Municiple Corporation, Khandwa 0733-2224152
3. Police 100 /0733-2226690
4. Fire 101
5. Embulance 108
6. District Govt. Hospital, Khandwa 0733-2224107
7. Veterinary Pashudhan Sanjivini 1962
8. Flood Disaster Management, Harsud 07327272246
9. Flood Disaster Management,Narmada Nagar 07323-284613
10. Police Station Omkareshwar 07280-271227
11. Flood Disaster Management,Narmada Nagar 07280-271735