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The Town Khandwa has the proud to be the Head Quarter of District  East Nimar. Due to its location on the map of India, it has been enjoying visits of great Indians. In the past (age of British Government), this was a place alone connecting northern, eastern, southern and western rail routes.Delhi(North)  and Bombay(South) (now Mumbai) and Baroda (West) was directly connected whereas Calcutta was accessible through Bhusawal Junction. Hence Swami Dayananda Saraswati, Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Lokmanya Tilak  and many more great personalities visited the place during there all India visit. The Location, easy availability of resources and other socio-economic factors are in   favour of making the place a very good Industrial region.The place has several ancient kunds., English architecture and religious places.

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Ghantaghar (Clock Tower),Khandwa


The place is located at Bombay-Delhi central line  and north of Burhanpur. The place has been the district Head quarter since 1864. The place has four historic kunds in its four direction namely Suraj kunda, Padma kund, Bhima kunda, Rameshwar kund.  The buildings of Collector office, Girls Degree College, Ghantaghar   are Among the ancient monuments. Dada Dhuni wale ki samadhi, Turja Bhavani Temple, Nav-chandi Devi Dham are the places of faith & worship of Hindus. 


Omkareshwar Mandhata is located on the bank of Narmada River, approx. 75 Kms. From Khandwa on Indore-Khandwa Highway. This is a holy place for Hindu and Jain Sects. Mamaleshwar, One among the 12 Jyotirlingas of Hindu sect and Siddhawar Kut of Jain sect are located at this place. Millions of the pilgrims of both sects & foreigners visit the place every year. Other sites are the caves of Adi Guru Shankaracharya (The great ancient saint of advait  philosophy of Hindu sect.) is located at this place.The name "Omkareshwar" is due to the shape of the island.

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Omkareshwar Mandhata

NarmadaNagar Near Punasa has a key location in Indira Sagar Project of Narmada Valley Development Authority, on the bank of River Narmada.. The place is about 61 KMs from the District H.Q. Khandwa, and can be approached from two stations Khandwa & Bir of Central Railway line of Bombay- Delhi, and is well connected by roadways, from these two.                            

indirasagar1.jpg (54041 bytes)        Indira Sagar Dam at Narmada Nagar Near Punasa


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             Dada Dhuni Wale Darbar Khandwa


Dada Dhuniwale Darbar is located in South- Western part of the Town about 3.0 Kms from railway/Bus station. This is a centre of faith and worship. The Samadhi Places of great Avadhoot  Hindu saints Swami Keshwanandaji Maharaj and Swami Hariharanandji Maharaj, respectfully called as "Bare Dadaji" and "Chhote Dadaji" respectively. A fair is held on Guru Purnima at this place and thousands of the devotees attend the fair from all over the nation.

The Building is located in the Eastern part of the town approx. 1 KM away from the railway station. This was  constructed in 1919 and is in good Condition. Currently the Office of The Collector is located in the building. The District Office enjoys the position of having  such a beautiful, well arranged building. Initially the building was constructed in 100mts x 50 Mts. area. Later several extensions have been made. Dense tree plantation has been done around the building. Efforts to save and beautify and modernize the monument is being carried out by the  Collector and District Magistrate.

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The District Collectorate Building, Khandwa

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Turja Bhavani Mata Temple, Khandwa  

This temple is located beside the Dadaji Darbar and dedicated to Hindu Goddess Maa Turja Bhavani.Many myths are revealing in the mass regarding the temple. It is said that during the wandering period of Lord Rama, Visited the place and worshipped the Shakti for 9 days at this place. A 9 day fair in Navratri period is held here every year. Thousands of devotees visit the place especially in this period. Daily prayers also being attended by hundreds of the devotees.


Devi Nav Chandi Dham is newer place for the devotees of Shakti, located in the LavKush nagar, In the northern part of the city and is approx. 4 Km from the Station sites. The temple is dedicated to the Goddess Nav-Chandi. A fair is organized in the month of Falgoon (feb-march) and cultural & religious program is being organized by Baba Gangaram, the devotee of the Goddess who has constructed the temple. Stellar luminary and / or any great personality attends the fair every year. Thousands of devotees attend the fair.

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Nav Chandi Devi Dham , Khandwa

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Nagchun Dam, Khandwa

 Nagchun Dam is 7 Kms from the Station sites, Northern to the city near Nagchun village. This is a nearest picnic spot of the city. From this dam also the water is being supplied to the city. Dense plantation around the place makes it beautiful.


In memory of the well known playback singer Kishore Kumar Ganguly, A Cultural hall (especially   for music)  constructed  approx. 1 Km east-ward from the station site, Cultural Programs of the town are being organized at this place.

Gorikunj.jpg (186535 bytes)
Gauri Kunja, Khandwa


Other Places

Ichhapur (Temple of Ichhadevi) in Burhanpur District, Mahalgurara (ancient royal leisure pavilion on the bank of Badi Utaoli river) in Burhanpur District. Navgriha Temples, Maheshwar & Mandleshwar in Khargone District, Mandu in Dhar District, Bawan Gaja in Barwani District, Rajwada and Holkar state related monuments in Indore District. Mahakal Jyotirlinga other temples etc related to  hindu relegion in Ujjain, chamunda temple in Dewas District are the places for tourism,