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Personalities Of District

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Dada Dhuniwale is remembered amongst the holy saints like the Saibaba of Shirdi, famous saint of Nagpur Baba Taj-ud-din jaj-ul-oulia. Dadaji ( His holiness swami Keshvanandji Maharaj ) was a great wandering saint. Who always sat before the holy fire (called "dhuni" ) so remembered as "Dada Dhuniwale" ( Grandfather in Hindi called "Dada"). He is being worshipped as the incarnation of God Shiva. His exact biography is not available but many myths about him are there in the common. "Dada Darbar" (The Court of Dadaji) is located at his Samadhi (burial) place. Millions of the devotees are there in all parts of India and abroad and on "Guru Purnima" attends the fair at this place. There are about 27 dham (places of worship, prayer and other religious activities) in India in the name of Dadaji. Dhuni (The holy fire ) has been continuously burning at the place since his time. His samadhi is located in the Khandwa city and about 3 KM south to the bus/railway stations.



(Swami Hariharanandji)

Bhanvarlal from Didwana village of Rajsthan state of India was from a rich family and was came to meet the Dadaji. After that he never left him and surrendered beneath his holy feet forever with full dedication. He was polite in nature and so mass remembers him as the incarnation of God Vishnu. He is remembered as "Chhote Dadaji". He was the successor of Dada Dhuniwale (swami Keshvanandji Maharaj) after his samadhi. He took samadhi at Allahabad after illness in 1942.

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Saint Singaji was an eminent luminary of Nimar Region. His status is same as the great poet Kabir. He born in Fifteenth Century in a poor gavali  ( herdsman) family of Khajuri Village of Barwani state of that time. Later he came at piplia village of Harsud Tehsil and remained here till samadhi . He   came in touch of saint Manrangeer and after that dedicated his life to God. He practiced the Nirguna Sect of Hindu religion ( The believer of Nirguna sect believes that the God is Absolute, abstract and has no form, incarnation etc.). He became the object of wide population devotion, especially among the Gavalis of Nimar Districts. A fair is held in his holy memory every year on sharad purnima at his samadhi place Piplia-Singaji. His Bhajans are being sung in villages.


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The Stellar luminaries of the Region Ashok Kumar (Film Star), Kishor Kumar( playback singer, Born on August 4,1929) , Anup Kumar(Film Actor) and Amit kumar(Play back singer) are from a single family( Ganguly Family). Dada Saheb Falke award is awarded to Ashok kumar for his invaluable work in Hindi cinema World.Kishore Kumar passed away on October 13,1987.His Samadhi is located in Khandwa,as per his will.


Born in Bavai village of Hoshangabad District at 4th April 1889 Dada Makhan Lal Chaturvedi was an eminent writer, Thinktank, and leader of the region in freedom struggle. He has resigned from the post of school teacher in 1912 and entered into the field of journalism. He was the editor of "prabha" and "Karmaveer" magazines. In 1959 Sagar University has honoured him with the degree of "D.Lit" and in 1963 Government of India honoured him with the PadmaBhushan award. He returned back the award against the Rajbhasha bill.

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Pandit Bhagwant Rao Mandloi was born on 10 of December,1892 in  landlord family of Schindhia State and became the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh in 1962. He had taken charges of President, municipal corporation and ministers in the government of Madhya Pradesh  between 1952-57. He was Honoured by Padmabhushan for his invaluable services. He passed away on November 3, 1977. His excellent work in the fields of Health & Eductation is   remembrable.