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Indira Sagar Project

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(A View of Indira Sagar Dam)

Indira Sagar Project is a Multipurpose project will have the largest storage capacity in the country. It will have an installed capacity of 1000 MW and annual irrigation of 2.65 Lakh Ha. on a CCA of 1.23 Lakh Ha. The project provides regulated releases of 8.12 MAF to Gujrat ex-Maheshwar project after power generation at down stream projects viz., Omkareshwar and Maheshwar projects in Madhya Pradesh.
   Indira Sagar Project is the key project on Narmada river providing excellent storage site. The Dam is proposed on the main river near village Narmadanagar of Punasa Block in the District. Omkareshwar and Maheshwar projects are proposed in the downstream to utilize the regulated releases of Indira Sagar project of irrigation and power generation. Hence, the cascade of Indira Sagar, Omkareshwar and Maheshwar projects, together, are known as "Narmada Sagar Complex".
The total drainage area at the proposed dam site of Indira Sagar Project is 61642 Sq. Kms. The main dam is located on quartzite's of reddish colour and with small interbedding of silt stone of purple colour belonging to Vindhyans (Super Group). The power house is located on the stable right bank in deep pit which is geologically less disturbed. The project command area encompasses the Narmada Sone lineament. The command area is mostly composed of basaltic lava flows. These flows are designated as deccan traps. The thickness of lava flows   ranges from 6.5 m to 30 m with presence of vesicular and amydaloidal in basaltic flow with appreciable weathering on top. Detailed seismological studies have been got done and based on the recommendation of the Dam Review Panel, detailed designs for the dam have been prepared by the Central Water Commission. A network for ten seismological stations is proposed to be established through Indian Meteorological Department covering the area of the project of Narmada Sagar Complex.
    The dam is proposed to be 92 m (302 Ft.) high and 653 m (2142 ft.) in length with a slightly curved alignment of 880 m radius across river Narmada near village Narmada Nagar of Development Block Punasa of the district about 845 Kms. from the source of origin with a gross storage of 12.22 Bm3 and a live storage of 9.75 Bm3
     A sub surface powerhouse on the right bank is proposed to house 8 units of 125 MW each with conventional Francis Turbines.


(Construction Site-View- 1)

A lined gravity canal takes off from the reservoir with FSL of 239.15 m through a 3.67 Kms long tunnel named Punasa tunnel. The total length of the left bank main canal is 24s8.65 Kms. It is proposed to irrigate about 98475 Ha. of land in the District and West Nimar District of Madhya Pradesh State. The distribution system is proposed to be lined.
  The left canal is proposed to takeoff from 92.10 Km of the main flow canal. It is 83 Kms. long and involves 38m lift. It is proposed to irrigate about 24282 Ha. of land in higher elevated areas of West Nimar District in Bhikangaon and Kasarawad Tehsils.
  A provision for further expansion to irrigate about 26000 Ha. of land by lift is also considered in the basin of intake components of Indira Sagar Project Canal.
   The submergence of Indira Sagar Project is 91348 Ha. including forest and revenue land extending to 249 villages of East Nimar, Hoshangabad and Dewas Districts. Out of 249 villages going under submergence, 12 are forest villages and the remaining 237 are revenue villages. The  submergence area is consisting of forest area of 41420 ha. , cultivated area of 44363 Ha. and 5565 ha. of other area.


Salient Features of Indira Sagar Project

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(Construction Site- View 2)


S.No. Description Particular
A. General


East Nimar,Khandwa




B. Hydrology

Catchment area (Sq.Kms.)

C. Storage Capacity
5. Gross (cubic BM) 12.220
6. Live (cubic BM) 9.750
7. Dead (cubic BM) 2.470
D. Concrete Gravity Dam
8. Total Length (m) 653
9. Maximum height(m) 92
E.Earth Dam (Saddle)
10. Length(m) 815
11. Height(m) 10.7)
F.Radial Crest Gates
12. Number 20
13. Length (m) 20
14. Height (m) 17
G. Power House
15. Type of Power house Sub-Surface
16. Installed Capacity(MW) 1000(8x125)
H. Submergence
17.1 Fully submerged(Number) 69
17.2 Partially affected 180
17.3 Total 249
I. Command Area Details
18. Gross Command area (Lakh ha.) 2.10
19. Culturable Command area (Lakh ha.) 1.75
20. Irrigated area(Lakh Ha.) 1.23
20.a. Main Flow Canal (left)
1.East Nimar Khandwa
2. West Nimar Khargone

18979 Ha.
79496 Ha.
20.b Khargone lift canal (left)
west Nimar Khargone

24282 Ha.
J.Cost Estimates( In crores) at 1988 price level
21. Unit-1 Head work 832.32
22. Unit-2 Canals 541.98
23. Unit-3 Power 619.37
24. Command area Development 50.00
25. Catchment area treatment 124.00
Grand Total 2167.67