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Naturally Coloured Cotton: An Invention

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                                                   (A shawl made of coloured cotton)


Naturally Coloured Cotton

The Cottton Project at the college of agriculture, Khandwa is engaged in research on the various aspects to boost the production and productivity of cotton since last 25 years. During this period, JNKVV has developed several conventional varieties and hybrids which has catered to the need of convetional cotton of the farmer and textile industry. In 1996, the centre has been successful in developing a variety of cotton which produces seed cotton having natural almond brown colour (JCC-1). This is the first hirsutum naturally coloured cotton variety of the country. There is a vast scope in this direction as such a genotypes will avoid the use of synthetic dyes and the demand of organically grown cotton is increasing very fast. Some more colours are being developed.

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(Coloured Cotton)

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A new disease of cotton was observed in early 80's and the scientists all over the country tried to solve the problem. The cause of the disease was not known and hence control measures could not be devised. Scientists working at this centre conclusively proved for the first time that this disease is as a physiological disorder and is expressed under both the extremes - Excess water and in droughtr conditions. This work has been aclaimed at the National level.