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Seismic Activities in Khandwa District

The Calamity

Based on past record, Khandwa and adjoining areas has experienced about 7 earthquakes of magnitude 4 to 6.5 on Richter Scale between the year 1847 & 1992. out of these, two were of the magnitude more than 6. Hence, an earthquake of magnitude between 6 & 6.5 can be expected in the area. In addition to earthquakes of moderate to high magnitude micro- earthquakes have been recorded in Taklikalan (1993-95), Silawal (1992), Kusumari (1986-1992), Ghanora(1992), Borlai(1992), Ratlaam, Sehore(1993) & Ahmedpur- Khaigaon (1994).

Geological Survey of India (GSI) & Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) did intensive study of the micro-earthquakes of Taklikalan between 1993-95, according to which a total of 460 such micro-earthquakes were recorded, the highest magnitude being that of 29th Nov. 1993, with focus at a depth of 10Kms. The highest frequency of micro shocks was recorded to be 29 on 05th Jan 1994.

Recently, since Sep'1998 in Pandhana and thereby 24 villages of Pandhana Tehsil has been experiencing similar micro-earthquake activities in which about 1200 tremours occurred in 3 months out of which about 15 tremours having magnitude more than 3 Rh. and about 100 of more than 2 Rh., followed by sub-surface rumbling sound. Maximum of them have occurred between 11th Dec.1998 to 05 April 1999. District administration is carefully   watching the seismic activities and prepared to minimize the lose due to occurrence of any disaster.



The Emergency Management Structure

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The Organizational structure and institutional arrangements existing in Khandwa District for emergency management, is illustrated in flow chart shown above. In addition to this, Earthquake Brigade Awareness Committee has been constituted at district, Sub-Division and Block Level. This body is responsible for creating awareness within the community. Rescue and relief groups have also been constituted under the leadership of an officer-in-charge. These groups exist at Zone and Block level.